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The Next Level in Customer Acquisition

Auto Jockey CRM is one of the most comprehensive automotive CRM management tools in the market today. Based upon our successful network based products over the past fifteen years, our products offer dealers the most efficient tools to manage their showroom, internet department and business development centers. We fully integrate processes to allow your departments to function seamlessly.

The old adage, "You can't manage what you can't measure", is more important today than ever.

Auto Jockey CRM provides extensive customer data capture, manager monitors, automotive DMS integration, Do Not Call Registry validation, and administrative control to the dealership. Auto Jockey CRM gives you the tools to capture all customer activity and information to evaluate your automotive dealership with a level of certainty that has never been attainable until now.

Auto Jockey CRM has been designed using scalable enterprise architecture built on the Microsoft.NET platform. We provide the latest in technological advances, providing you the most powerful system available.

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